September 11, 2019

A day in the life with GoWiFi access with my GoSAKTO and EasySURF promos

A confession: 

I am currently under a postpaid plan from Globe that includes a 10GB mobile internet but there are times that I consume more in less than a month. For all reasonable purposes, I am connected to the internet for every single time I am away from my husband and Nate. And for every time I run out of my mobile data, I avail of Globe's mobile data promos. And yes, postpaid users can actually avail of SOME of prepaid users' mobile data options

Fast internet speed in malls, schools and transport terminals can now be enjoyed in over 2,500 GoWiFi locations available nationwide.  As a bonus, Globe Prepaid & TM customers can enjoy 1GB of free GoWiFi for every registration of GoSAKTO, GoSURF & EasySURF worth P50 and above that they can use in any GoWiFi hotspot!

When in a GoWiFi hotspot, simply connect to @GoSurf_FreeWifi or @EasySurf_FreeWifi and start enjoying free 1GB wifi access! You can play games, watch movies, download your fave apps, and enjoy more of what you love to do online. That’s internet access perfect for friends whenever they hang out, or for students who do their group studies and research online.

Also, sharing with you guys some of my life moments when I used my GOSURF50 aka I ran out of data. Again.

Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO90 users can now enjoy 1GB free GoWiFi access on top of 2GB mobile data, 2GB for GoWATCH&PLAY, 1 GCash voucher and unlimited all net texts valid for 7 days for only P90.

I was on a client call last week when Miss Cherry saw me and asked if I want to try their product because she liked my skin. My skin ain't perfect but I do my best to make sure it feels loved. Lol. I will be vlogging about this product after my travel next week

Decided to take a selfie while Nate was on the middle of having a tantrum hoping that it will stop him from having one..and guess what? Of course I failed.

July 2019 at Boracay. These two decided to pass time in the middle of the busy D'Mall while I'm queuing for our milk tea.

Beautiful night with my beautiful queen mother

WHAT A LOVELY 2 days it has been! So.... uulitin natin this November ha? Haha

TM EasySURF50 users automatically get 1GB free GoWiFi access, 1GB mobile data, 2GB for EasyWATCH&PLAY, 300MB for an app of their choice and unlimited all net texts. All these are valid for 3 days at only P50.

Globe’s GoWiFi is the largest WiFi service in the country that aims to provide customers with speeds of up to 100Mbps depending on the location. Visit to check out our list of hotspots.

August 5, 2018

An article about finding The One

They say it takes a village to raise a baby and I've introduced every single one of my support system but I haven't introduced this one yet.
For several years running, Uratex has been awarded as Reader’s Digest Platinum Trusted Brand for Mattresses for the Household Products Category. The company is also a valuable ally of the
the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, and a member of theInternational Sleep Products Association (ISPA), which is recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the sleep products industry, representing health and wellness facilities, and providers globally.

 “Uratex has been helping generations of Filipino families sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. It’s a legacy that we are proud of and inspires us to bring in the best technology to provide the best sleep solutions,” explains Peachy C. Medina, Managing Director, Polyfoam RGC International, the makers of Uratex.

About a month ago I sought a physical therapist for my upper and lower back pains. I can almost hear some say it's a sign of aging and yes, I most def agree. I am more conscious of my posture now but I'm sure this one will help me more. For the most part, every one prefers a different type of mattress to sleep on. Rarely do you find a large number of people who prefer the exact same type of mattress. We all feel comfortable on different types of mattresses whether it is a latex mattress or memory foam mattress. That can make finding the best type of mattress for you a difficult task.

Each product is made using Uratex Quali-5 Cellular Technology. It is a collection of five qualities and technologies that ensure all foams the company produces are of high and world-class quality: Strong Adherence to Quality, ISO 9001 Accreditation, State-of-the-Art Equipment and Machinery, World-Class Formulation and Process Engineering Technology, and Usage of Best Raw Materials.

Cherry Wong-Tan, the Marketing Director of Uratex Philippines, explains ‘The One for Uratex’ campaign further: “What we want is for people to appreciate and instill in their minds the value of sleep. People are too focused on work that they neglect to get proper sleep. Some are sleep-deprived, that’s why they can’t perform well the next day. Even children need to sleep well, in a healthy position, to perform well in school.” 

Even Mateo likes Uratex!

“When I first met you, I knew you were The One for me. Kumportable ako sa ‘yo. Sa ‘yo ko lang na-feel ito. Ikaw lang angperfect para sa akin,” Guidicelli swoons while caressing his Uratex Classic Mattress and pillow.

The one thing that matinee idol Matteo Guidicelli needs is a good night’s sleep. As a triathlete, karting driver, singer, restaurateur and actor, he is the busiest he has ever been. 

“I think sleep is one of the important things in life. People underestimate the importance of sleep because people are hard-working, they just go and go. They think sleeping for one or two hours or one night can make bawi for the loss of sleep for a whole week. I don’t think that’s true,” says Matteo. 

Matteo has oftentimes experienced having inadequate sleep. As an athlete, that usually takes its toll on his health. 

“I really have to sleep properly before an Ironman event. At least two or three nights before an event, I have to regulate my eight hours of sleep, or at most a whole week before that. Sleep is very important. It recovers the body. Example, if I train for an Ironman and I train two times a day, I have to make siesta one or two times in the afternoon to recover the body,” Matteo says.

It’s also the same before showbiz commitments. “You have to have a good sleep especially at night. Deep sleep is very important; going home and laying on your mattress having the most comfortable time and waking up like a brand-new person,” the Bagani and Single Single: Love Is Not Enough star says. “We’re so honored and humbled that Uratex has chosen to begin the celebration of the company’s momentous milestone with SM Home. Uratex has always been a strong and reliable business partner, and we congratulate them for continuing to serve as a leader in the production of high-grade quality foams,” says SM Home’s assistant vice president of marketing Tom Castaneda. “And as SM is commemorating 60 years in the retail industry, we join Uratex in what's turning out to be an exciting double celebration! Here's to our continued partnership for many more milestones to come.”  


The One for Uratex

Incidentally, those childhood mattresses are similar to the ones Matteo will be headlining as “The One” for Uratex.

“This campaign is about better sleep, the value of sleep and how Uratex can be your right partner. It’s also the first time we are using a celebrity endorser in a TV commercial,” explains Peachy Medina, Uratex Managing Director.

“We are a 50-year-old brand and people might think we are old. But we are very innovative and we need to deliver the message that we are ready for the next 50 years. We need a fresh face for Uratex and we feel that Matteo personifies our brand,” Ms. Medina adds.

The Uratex promise, to produce high-quality mattresses Filipinos can afford, began when Robert and Natividad Cheng established the Polyfoam Chemical Corp. In its perseverance to pursue this vision, it invested in world-class research and development to produce high-grade foam. The brand grew to become the most recognized household name in the bedding industry, making it synonymous with quality.


July 12, 2018

S&R Membership shopping is open to EVERY ONE this week!

S&R, the store which is primarily known for exclusively members only shopping has opened it's doors to every one starting today!

Not only that, they have essentials which are on Buy 1 take 1 and 50% off deals. My skin is terribly yearning for new set of bed sheet and comforter so I'll head there first thing tomorrow. Store hours from today (July 12, 2018) until July 15, 2018 are from 8A-10PM. Aside from items discounts, they also offer memberships on a more affordable rates.

S&R is a membership-shopping club modeled after the warehouse membership shopping chains introduced in the United States.
The core concept is to deliver significant value to member-customers through an effective and efficient system anchored on aggressive buying, low-cost distribution and streamlined operations. S&R provides an expansive selection of imported and local items in value packed sizes to cater to your PERSONAL and BUSINESS needs.

 What S&R Offers
S&R offers high quality products on local and international brand names that guarantee satisfaction, unmatched savings and value for membership delivered always - - - everyday!
An incomparable shopping excitement that just won’t stop… whether you’re a Volume Shopper or a Regular Privileged Member of S&R.
S&R offers imported grocery items and extensive selection of premium wines and liquors from all over the world.
We will be around during the open house so we hope to see you! 

July 9, 2018

International Travel Festival in 4 days!

No other zodiac loves traveling more than my zodiac so when I knew about the official schedule of the ITF this year, my restless heart has found peace (somewhat, fleetingly, because yes, I am excited again)

Now on its 5th edition, the International Travel Festival is set to take centerstage again on July 13-15, 2018 at the Ayala Center Cebu with the theme “It’s All Here”. The theme is very apt as it promises to showcase the best of the Philippines and the world with value laden tour packages, irresistible airfares, dreamy cruises and amazing staycation packages.

Learn emerging destinations in the Philippines from the different regional offices of the Department of Tourism as they showcase their pride destinations. 
It's all here at the 5th International Travel Festival. Happening on the 13th-15th of July at Ayala Center Cebu.

July 5, 2018

One Great Experience at Casino Filipino

Casino Filipino has recently launched it's new tagline, "Your One Great Experience" and guests of CF Cebu, be it:

Parkmall Branch
South Coast Center, Talisay Branch
Waterfront Cebu City Branch

Crown Regency Branch

Waterfront Mactan Branch

will get to "enjoy that one great experience whether in terms of amenities, entertainment offerings, and customer service" says CF Branch Manager, Ricardo Uy.
"Our new tagline strengthens our connection with our customers. It reinforces our goal to give them a wonderful time and a great experience while they are here in Cebu," He added.

If there's an addiction I would likely fall into, it would probably be playing chances with money on stake, more specifically, BINGO. I used to go with my parents every weekend somewhere in downtown to play and there's this adrenaline rush in waiting and anticipating as you try to complete the numbers. I easily became the youngest player (knowing it's technically illegal) until my parents had decided to leave me behind as yes, I was still below 18 then. 
Mid-College and my friends opened my eyes in the wonderful world of Poker, I then play with them during weekend nights or whenever we can. I didn't make much and I haven't played against professional players, but there's something exhilarating about mentally calculating your odds, competing cleanly against friends and winning. Not every one who goes inside Casino go to make money, most people go to de-stress, have coffee (guilty at times), socialize and just have a good time... and Casino Filipino offers more than just monetary entertainment because among the offerings available to patrons are various promos such as free accommodations and food or Free Bet coupons--and these are all depending on the guests' accumulated loyalty points. Cebu branches are also planning to add additional days for bingo sessions (oh mother dear to me) aside from the four regular sessions in Waterfront Cebu to allow more guests to play.

Entertainment shows, according to Ricardo Uy, will also be revved up as the branch and it's satellites continue to showcase local artists and celebrities. CF's One Cebu's grand launch of this new tagline will be this coming July 21, 2018 and they will be featuring actress-comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto and singer Bryan Termulo. For Broadway fans, Leo Valdez will also be featured this July 28. 
Cebu branches are called One Cebu because their main branch and four satellites are one and united. Wherever we play, we will earn points and use the privileges in any of CF Cebu's gaming properties. Because of this competitive advantage, CF Cebu maintains its position as one of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). 

More than just a business, Casino Filipino employees also took part in PAGCOR'S Corporate Social Responsibility projects as a way of giving back to the community.

Ricardo Uy was very engaging to the press and answered all our queries enthusiastically. 
We are also impressed by how Casino Filipino has decided to launch a branding experience even though they have no competitors in Cebu and even and increase in revenue last year. 


June 27, 2018

Don's Original Spanish Churros are very churrific!

Bryan was so glad that he can finally have his churros fix at Butuan. Our short-time dates are usually at Sugbu Mercado, stuffing our faces with BPT Pad Thai, Jhonny Lemon lemonade and Papa churros. That combo never changes unless one of the tenants mentioned is closed. We went to Robinson's Butuan last February and the hubster was ecstatic over this store, which, was coincidentally owned by someone he knows. 

Honestly I haven't eaten churros for a few months already since I've been very watchful of my food intake; I haven't eaten Papa churros or any Cebu-based churros prior to trying this one so I like the fact that Don's Original Spanish Churros has different fillings and you can have all fillings in one combo. 

Don's Original Spanish Churros is located at the upper ground floor of Robinson's Butuan, right beside their only foodcourt. 

June 26, 2018

My much needed breather at Marco Polo Davao

I was at one of the lowest points in my life, being a full-time mother (the loneliness got me), unemployed, broke, bored and feeling unproductive, my negativity was starting to get into everyone's nerves, but mostly on mine and B's. I started questioning if I made the right decision and I partly blamed my husband into coercing me into quitting a job I loved and was good at. I became a recluse and can only be accessible via Messenger since I can't leave my baby with any one for every time I feel suffocated and dark. 

Sadness was something not every one finds acceptable so I was only vocal about it to a chosen few. I decided to apply for jobs for the sake of filling up the time and I know I applied for the wrong reason, nevertheless, I forced it anyway and the whole desperate experience has made me learn that if it's meant for me, it will be inviting. 

Then I came across a quote that said "Trust the wait, Embrace the uncertainty, Enjoy the beauty of unbecoming, when nothing is certain, everything is possible"; Those simple words struck a chord in me because I forgot how much I DID NOT pray for it as much as I worried about it. I forgot how I used to have a big faith on the "process" and how "God is preparing me for something bigger than I imagined" and I'm a special being in God's eyes so everything will take time, if anything, this waiting is teaching me a lesson. My family's 2018 goals are delayed, we are still broke, but things are starting to look up on personal growth side. I've also had a lot of first-time experiences on the blogging side this year, and the publicized ones will be posted. soon :)

The waiting, uncertainty, doubts and rejections were painful and it has made me quite selective on to whom I should open up my feelings to; the people I open up to has known me like an open book and since they are only very very few, I open up about everything. I've also learned how to walk away from negative aggressiveness, violence and unfamiliar because this is part of my self-love. Painfully I know too that true love is Bryan being selfless when he knows what I was going through yet decides to live up to his vow of being present through thick and thin while balancing his career growth, fatherhood, and academic studies. 

It will be challenging to have a job that I am going to fall in love with but as with every thing, the best one is always worth the wait. Who knows? "the one" might be the one I will be having a date with tomorrow :)

A few months ago Philippine Airlines has invited me to Davao to celebrate A LOT of their achievements with them and while in between activities, they accommodated us at the luxurious Marco Polo Davao. I was all alone in the room so I hurriedly prepared the tripod and took shots; This mother is always ready whenever she sets her mind to it. 

Marco Polo Davao is strategically located at the heart of Davao City. It's Mindanao's first AND ONLY premier hotel with 245 well-appointed rooms and suites. Marco Polo Davao also serves as an ideal venue for meetings and functions. 

Superior room
  • Amenities include:
  • Air conditioning
  • Bathtub
  • Coffee and tea making facilities
  • Data points for fax and computer
  • Dual line IDD/DDD telephone with voicemail
  • Electronic guestroom locks
  • Executive desk
  • In-room safe
  • LCD colour TV with cable channels
  • Mini-bar and refrigerator
  • Wi-Fi internet service

Each room are elegant realizations of comfort, warmth and space. All the rooms and suites in Marco Polo Davao are equipped with broadband internet and other amenities befitting all kinds of travellers. 

This handwritten note is my favorite

June 6, 2018

Footprints in the Ampersand

An oldie but a goodie, Ampersand has been around for quite some time and I'm torn between whether to share this place or not because first-timers tend to destroy experiences for others lately.. but Ampersand deserves to be recognized over and over again because it's one of a kind. Ampersand is known for it's steak and wine but they also have a commendable customer service. I've been to restaurants with condescending servers so coming in here is like a breath of fresh air (need not worry, the place is well-ventilated). I always go during lunch time because the crowd during nights are always more than I anticipate. If only Banilad Town Center is accessible where I live, I would be here more often;
Here are some of the photos I took while we were there

They also have cold cuts from European countries which I just noticed that I don't have a shot of :c 

With an ambience like this, a staff that attends to your needs and a classy food selection, it's a wonder that they don't serve service charge; but I'm not complaining. 

Insiders' Tip: Order a Duterte whenever you're around 


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